Christmas Island adventure

Wouldn’t it be great if you could celebrate your Christmas in a place like Christmas Island? Don’t get me wrong because there are neither mistletoe nor green Christmas trees there. It is a beautiful island filled with beautiful and natural wonders. Here, you will be able to have the chance to witness the migration of birds and red crabs which is something rare and unusual. You also get to walk on the sandy beaches and capture some pictures of the nesting turtles’ footprints. At Christmas island, you will get to:

1.Scuba Diving
Try scuba diving and enjoy the majestic sea experience one can ever imagine. Imagine yourself diving underwater, surrounded by nature’s wonders.
You may have the chance to encounter the majestic whale shark, being one of the lucky ones to meet these gentle sea creatures that often visit any time around the months of November and April. This is an experience that no one should miss! Take this opportunity today!
2. Bird watching
Bird watching is one of the must not miss activities. Christmas island is famous for its wonderful seabird breeding stations and there are approximately 80,000 seabirds nest here annually.
There are hundreds of birds’ species in Christmas Island. Get ready to be astounded by the melodious evening songs of the thrush, a small or medium-sized songbird with brown back and spotted breast that live in this Island.
3. Red crab migration
The annual red crabs’ migration is defined as one of the world’s natural wonders. Visit Christmas Island and experience this event where you get to see the migration of millions of crabs. Be careful not to step on them! These crabs feed on fallen leaves, fruits, flowers and seedlings but they are not vegetarian as per SE. They would eat dead crabs and birds, Giant African snail and even human rubbish.
These crabs were normally killed by vehicles during the migration so in order to reduce the numbers of death, a ‘crab crossings’ were constructed to enable the crabs to cross the roads safely. Tunnels were also built to help the crabs to cross the road, underground.
4. Nature walk
Christmas Island has its own National park and a walk through the rainforest is essential for all tourists who wish to have one of the best experiences here in Christmas Island. This walk helps you to discover its wonderful flora and fauna.
How to get to Christmas Island?
1. Flight
-You can fly to the island from either Perth or via Cocos Island as well as from South East Asia.  If you don’t have a VISA, your travel agent will assist you in getting one before you fly to the island. Getting a VISA now is as easy as buying a flight ticket, so no worries! For more inquiries, log on to today.
2. Yachts
-Tourists can also travel via Yachts to Christmas Island.
 3. Cruise ships
-The details are as below:
Ship: Pacific Sun
Cruise Line: P&O Cruises
Departures: 19 December 2009
Duration: 16 Nights
Ports: HMAS Sydney (cruise by), Christmas Island, Semarang, Bali, Lombok,
Komodo Island, Broome, Steep Point (cruise by), Geraldton
Arrival :Fremantle
Departure :Fremantle

Other attractions:

Christmas Island Post Office
Australian Postal Services, Commonwealth Bank Agency, Stationery, Philatelic Passport Photos and souvenirs
Phone:  + 61 8 9164 8495

Christmas Island Supermarket


Christmas Island Visitor Information Centre – Gift Shop


Visit Gaseng for Australian standard Diesel Automotive fuel and unleaded petrol: 2 stroke mix out board motors: 20L jerricans for loan to refuel yachts. Also, free transport to and from the jetty and able to fuel larger yachts on application. Contact Craig Albanus:
Phone : + 61 8 9164 8313

Gold n Things Duty Free 

A shop selling cosmetics, perfumes, watches, jewellery, sunglasses, leather goods, top shelf liquor, and giftware
for further details:
Telephone:  + 61 8 9164 8215

Island Pharmacy and News

Prescribe your medication here when you need one! This pharmacy supplies vitamins, pharmaceuticals, toiletries, make-up, first aid items, sun care and sunglasses.
Open every Monday to Friday from 9:00am – 5:00pm and Saturday 9:00am – 12pm
for any inquiries, call  +61 8 9164 8337 or visit

Wild Papaya

This is a gallery, selling gifts and home wares, unique gift ideas, handcrafted Australian Jewellery, Christmas Island Photography and Art which is located in the Temple Court. Open every Tuesday to Friday from 11am to 5pm, and from 9am to 12pm on Saturday. For further details, log on to





Offer sandwiches, burgers and drinks. You can either dine in or take away. Open daily for breakfast and lunch. Dinners will be arranged.
Open :Monday – Friday
Phone : +61 8 9164 8118

Emayson’s Cafe

Offers western and Asian Food such as Coffee, milkshakes and cool drinks.     Located at the Christmas Island Recreation Centre
Open :Everyday
Phone : +61 8 9164 8106
Golden Bosun Tavern
With uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean from the restaurant veranda, dinner served 6 nights per week, closed Monday.
Restaurant: 5.30pm – 8.30pm
Bar: 4pm till late
Phone:  +61 9164 7967


1) The Cabin


Try The Cabin and enjoy its brand new kitchen and spectacular ocean views. This cabin is suitable for a couple or a small family. Due to its close distance from the shops and restaurants, tourists can simply go out to dine. If you are a nature lover, this cabin is simply the best for you. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery, endemic species of seabirds and probably go out for a fishing!
2) Captain’s Last Resort
The Captain’s Last resort is unique for it offers tourists with cool endemic species sight-seeing where tourists can witness the nature’s wonders right at their doorsteps! Tourists will also get to enjoy the sunset. The resort is close to the centre of the town, enabling tourists to walk to the shops, restaurants, and bars at night. For those who prefer to spend quality time with their loved ones, they would probably rather dine in.
3) Hibiscus House
You can try Hibiscus House, a stand-alone bungalow surrounded by lawns, beautiful gardens and coconut palms. It is very near to the Indian Ocean (about 100 metres) the Rumah Tinggi Bar and Restaurant. The house is fully furnished and has 2 separate bedrooms with 2 king single beds and 1 queen which can accommodate 4 persons. The house is also air conditioned and has wireless internet, so you can surf the internet even when you’re out for a vacation! For those who wish to have a barbeque or outdoor games, there is a barbeque pit and also outdoor tables. The kitchen is fully equipped so you can simply cook for your friends and family. Other necessities such as the bathroom, washing machine, television, DVD and stereo, microwave, and cutlery are also provided.
Visit Christmas Island today and enjoy its wonderful nature. I assure you that you will have fun here! For more details on Christmas Island tour, visit

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